Thursday, September 3, 2009

this blog is a flop,

Ok guys. Now I feel hopeless. Thanks. This blog is a total flop. I'll just stick to the facebook one. Great.

here's the list of things on my mind (bothering me):
1. Crap shoot school
2. Drama
3. Rosy's birthday (soon she'll be all grown up, this sucks)
4. Homework
5. Team try-outs stupid freshmen
6. Weird dreams, that seriously AREN'T leaving me alone
7. crappy music on the radio
8. Drama
9. Drama
10. DRAMA!!!

Ok that's basically it.
Comment please. I really enjoy hearing from you guys.

Over n Out


  1. nathan, i love you.
    don't stop writing the blog!!

  2. well anonymous, I love you too (?) I won't stop writing the blog, never ever. Just on Facebook, I didn't like it there anyways. Hahaha. Thanks for the comment. Keep commenting.

    Ovr N Out