Monday, September 14, 2009

it lives....

hahaha the blog. it lives. sorry guys, its been awhile. just haven't felt ya know inspired i guess you can say. But I'll fill ya guys in.

1. Cora (cousin) and Jamal (best friend) are currently making out on my couch in my room, and i'm gaggin :/
2. Lilly took her first steps yeah!
3. Astoria is beautiful as usual
4. Did I mention how gross Cora and Jamal are
5. We won our first two games of football!
6. Jello is delicious.
7. People are dropping like flies cause of Swine Flu, two of my friends were just confirmed to have the infection are in the Hospital so please pray for them guys to what ever you believe in, they certainly need it
8. Barbie movies. They ruin all the good stories. Barbie and the Three Muskateers. Gosh.

I missed writing guys, I'm definitely gonna keep it up here. Facebook 'kicked me out' or something like that. it wasn't really my thing anyways.

well I gotta go. Gonna go grab Subway with Kurk, Jamal and Cora obviously need some 'time alone'

over n out
Nathan :)

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