Wednesday, September 2, 2009

not too sure about this whole blogspot thing....

Hey guys, how goes it. Like the new home of 'NATHAN'S BLOG (NAME IN THE WORKS)'? I'm not really sure about this whole, 'blogspot' thing yet. Don't know if I liked it. I really liked the notes section in Facebook, but seriously it was getting too small, and this, this archives it all. I'm still gonna write notes on Facebook from time to time, and I'll definitely let you guys know when I update on here, but ya.
So in other news. I think I'm narcoleptic, yah sounds crazy, but I keep falling asleep in the middle of the day, maybe cause Lil' keeps me up all night (again HATE collic) so maybe its not really narcolepcy, just complete exhaustion. But I've been having these weird dreams. I mean like seriously weird. Ok heres one for example, there's like this wide room, all white, really bright, doesn't make sense. Then there's these weird sounds, like movements, yah. Hey maybe if I keep up these weird dreams, I can get into the same loon bin as Cora's Mom, hahaha, ow! she just whacked me. Hahaha.
My friend suggested a new series of books for me, The Mortal Instruments, prolly gonna check it out after I finish the Maximum Ride Series, which I love. I'm almost finished with the third book, the characters are so life like, I actually care about them, and like feel sad for them, and anxious, haha kinda stupid huh? But it's amazing how an author can evoke those kind of emotions in an individual solely through text.
I'm tired. Need sleep.

well I think that's it for now guys. Can't wait to hear from ya. I'll get pictures and stuff up soon. Maybe even a playlist for you all to listen to. I don't know. There's a ton more of opportunities here on Blogspot. One of the reasons why I like it better than Facebook, but I'm not sure yet. Ok well, guys I'm gone, heading out to Jamal's, crashing there tonight, cause well, I need a good nights sleep, and that's becoming pretty much impossible here. Hahaha. Mom says Lilly will grow out of her collic, hopefully soon, cause personally I like sleeping in a bed vs. the floor, or a futon.

Well, comment guys, I hope that you like this better than the Facebook notes, tell me what ya think, how you're feeling stuff like that. Hows school going, now that we're in like the fourth week? third for me.

Have a good night guys.

Over n Out

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